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Democrats Kick Pelosi To The Curb

Is Pelosi going to be pushed out of the party?

Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin took a bold stance against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and said that whether or not the Democrats control the House following the midterms, it’s time to replace Pelosi.

According to Newsweek, as of right now FiveThirtyEight has calculated that the Republican party has a 74 out of 100 percent chance of taking back the House following the midterms.

Slotkin unloaded on Speaker Pelosi and said “I have always said, I think it’s time we have new leadership.”

Slotkin then explained how she believes some midwestern Americans deserves to gain positions of leadership compared to Democrats who are from New York and California. “I think it’s time, frankly, that some Midwesterners get into leadership. We have a lot of New York and California; I’d like to see more diversity in leadership there. I have made a commitment to my district—I stick to that commitment,” Slotkin explained.

This isn’t the first time Slotkin took a powerful stance against Pelosi. In January of 2021, during a vote to see who should be the Speaker, instead of voting for either Pelosi or Republican Kevin McCarthy, Slotkin decided to vote for neither candidate and simply said “present” when called upon.

Republicans have been calling for Pelosi’s exit from the House for a very long time. Now it appears that Democrats could soon be wanting to replace Pelosi as well.

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