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Barr Warns Biden

Who would have expected this?

In a surprising turn of events, Trump’s former Attorney General Bill Barr just issued a warning to President Biden and told him that no matter what happens, the United States cannot allow things to escalate so far with Russia that Putin decides to use any of his nuclear weapons.

Barr also urged Biden to avoid any and all direct contact with Russian military.

According to Fox, during an interview Barr explained, “We have to be very careful about getting into direct conflict with Russia — Russia is a nuclear power, and we can’t allow this to escalate into a nuclear war. I do think now is the time for prudence, and that we do not escalate — I know people see what’s going on, and they feel terrible about it — but that’s the nature of countries getting nuclear weapons: our options are curtailed.”

Barr then further elaborated and said, “That’s why having North Korea get nuclear weapons is a problem, and that’s why Biden’s efforts now in reopening these negotiations with Iran and letting Iran become a nuclear power is very sobering. After Ukraine, say some things like this happen in Israel — we would be dealing with a nuclear power.”

“I think now that Putin has committed, there is no off-ramp for him,” Barr warned Biden. “It is hard to see a way he saves face without continuing to push forward.”

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