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Top Republican Discovers Mole In Washington

We have a lot of traitors in Washington D.C.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is a loyal ally of former President Donald Trump, has just revealed to the American people that he has identified the “mole” who leaked his private comments about Trump to the press following the Jan 6. Capitol riot.

According to Fox News, On Jan. 10, 2021 the New York Times published a secret recording of McCarthy saying that he believes Trump should resign. McCarthy’s comments came just after the riot and were made in private and not meant for the American public to hear.

McCarthy is now saying that he knows who recorded him in private and is planning on revealing these details to the American people soon.

“I know who recorded me,” McCarthy said. “I’ll bring it forward. I have it.”

“It comes as no surprise that the corporate media is obsessed with doing everything it can to further a liberal agenda,” McCarthy wrote after the New York Times dropped the secret recording.

“The past year and a half have proven that our country was better off when President Trump was in the White House, and rather than address the real issues facing Americans, the corporate media is more concerned with profiting from manufactured political intrigue from politically-motivated sources,” McCarthy added.

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