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Trump Betrayed By Close Friend

Here’s what we know…

According to a new book called “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff and ally John Kelly allegedly secretly purchased “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” which was a book written by 27 mental health experts that was warning Americans that Trump was unfit to serve.

The Huffington Post is now claiming that Kelly purchased the book to better understand the “president’s particular psychoses” while he was in charge of the White House. It was also alleged that Kelly referred to Trump’s White House as a “Crazytown.”

The book’s authors Peter Baker and Susan Glasser claimed that Kelly purchased the book and told others in the White House that it was a helpful guide to understanding how a “pathological liar” and how someone with an “inflated ego” operates.

The soon to be released book also claims that Kelly said, “I think there’s something wrong with [Trump]. He doesn’t listen to anybody, and he feels like he shouldn’t. He just doesn’t care what other people say and think. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The book’s authors claim that all of these comments were named by sources who worked in the White House alongside former President Donald Trump and John Kelly however the sources were left unnamed.

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