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Pelosi Caught Lying To Americans

Democrats really must think Americans are dumb.

Just when we thought Democrats have told every lie there is left to tell, senile old Pelosi comes along and lies some more.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now claiming that global inflation “starts with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” however it can be decreased with U.S. government spending on domestic social programs.

Pelosi essentially argued that more spending will lower out national debt and inflation.

What’s worse is that Pelosi pointed the finger solely at Putin and said that gas prices were up because of “Putin’s tax” and “Putin’s gas hike.”

Then then urged politicians to pass Biden’s trillion dollar Build Back Better Act.

According to Fox, Pelosi stated, “One other point that we’ll make about it is that what we are doing in our legislation, what we would do in the Build Back Better – seventeen Nobel laureates in economics said that legislation does not increase inflation.  It is non-inflationary because of the way it is written.

“We’re paying very close attention to it, but this starts with Putin because the global inflation for reasons beyond the gas price,” she explained. “Global inflation is something that we have to deal with globally, but we have our responsibility to deal with it at home, and we have legislation that does just that, by increasing supply and, again, creating jobs in a way that is not adding to inflation.”

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