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Liberal Media Begs To Bring Trump Back

We tried to tell them.

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah has made millions of dollars by constantly mocking Republicans and conservatives across America.

While Trump was in office, Trevor Noah constantly would mock him and even played a hand in getting Joe Biden elected to the presidency by falsely praising him.

Now, after it was reported that leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brazenly ignored President Biden’s call where he was going to beg for more oil, Trevor Noah did something he has never done before. Noah actually criticized Biden and it went viral.

“This would have never happened to Donald Trump. Never,” because the 45th president kept international leaders “on their toes,” Trevor Noah shockingly stated.

“Apparently, Saudi Arabia won’t even pick up the phone for the president of the United States,” Noah said.

“That must have been really embarrassing for Biden,” Noah added. “Can you imagine? He phones them, and they don’t pick up.”


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