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Jill Biden’s Dark Secret Revealed

Jill needs to be held accountable.

In a shocking turn of events, a U.S. Navy Admiral is now claiming that first lady Jill Biden had a hand in the botched Afghanistan withdrawal early into Joe Biden’s presidency.

It no surprise that Jill Biden is secretly running the show in the White House, but to know that she had a hand in the botched Afghanistan withdrawal speaks volumes.

According to Fox News, Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, special assistant to the Director of the Navy Staff, openly admitted that incessant calls requesting for help while they were extracting Americans out of Afghanistan caused a “distraction” and “created competition for already stressed resources.”

Then when Vasely was asked if Pope Francis and First Lady Jill Biden got in the way of the evacuation efforts, Vasely stated, “That’s accurate.

“I was being contacted by representatives from the Holy See to assist the Italian military contingent … in getting through groups … of special interest to the Vatican,” Vasely explained. “That is just one of many examples.​”​

I cannot stress enough​ ​how these high-profile requests [such as Jill Biden’s] ate up bandwidth and created competition for already stressed resources​,” Vasley explained

Vasely then explained that he quickly grew frustrated with the White House because everyone had their own opinions about everything.

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