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Biden’s Crack Pipe Controversy

This is madness.

As you may already know, President Biden and his administration is planning to set aside a whopping $30 million or more in taxpayer money to begin handing out “smoking kits.” These “kits” will contain things such as crack pipes and syringes for drug addicts to use.

President Biden is claiming this decision is to help bridge “racial equality” in America and keep people disease and sickness free. However, Americans are not buying and think this decision by Biden is absolutely insane.

Now, Republican Sen. John Kennedy and has just slammed President Biden for his absolutely ridiculous decision to hand out crack pipes.

In transcript provided by Fox, Kennedy stated, “Well, let me say this about Ms. Psaki. She probably ought to be Janet King employee of the year because she has to clean up about three messes every single day. Look, here’s what I do know. The Biden administration has taken 30 million dollars from their emergency COVID bill, and they’re using it to facilitate the smoking of crack cocaine and crystal meth. They say they can make it safer, and I say there’s no way to make smoking, crack cocaine or meth safer.”

Kennedy then said, “It’s like trying to put a filter on a cigarette. They ought to take this $30 million, which they said they would use for COVID, they ought to use it to secure the border to stop the drugs coming in. They ought to use it to get these folks into addiction programs, and they ought to talk straight to the American people and explain, ‘Look, you’re right, we got caught trying to help people make it easier for people to smoke crack. And it was a dumb thing to do, and we reversed course.'”

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