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Kamala’s Great American Resignation

Things are getting worse.

In a shocking turn of events, it now appears Vice President Kamala Harris has just lost yet another one of staffer due to the fact that there is simply too much turmoil in the Biden-Harris White House.

This recent resignation makes it the 5th staffer to depart from Biden’s White House thanks to Kamala. Most of the mainstream media knows this this is a big story yet they are trying to quietly sweep it under the rug.

According to Fox, Kamala Harris’ chief speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, is the latest staffer to jump ship on Biden’s White House and is planning to officially exit by the end of February.

After the news hit the media, a White House spokes person stated, “Kate is leaving the office, but not the family. The vice president is grateful for her service to the administration.”

“We are excited for her next step,” the official added.

So far, some notable staffers who have quit working for Kamala are Comms Director Ashley Etienne and senior advisor Symone Sanders.

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