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McConnell Backstabs GOP

Republicans have had enough!

Former President Donald Trump and most of the Republican party have had enough of Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his inability to stand up the the Democrats.

At just about every point since Biden has come into office, McConnell have given in to Biden’s demands. Biden and know Democrats know McConnell is weak and Biden has even gone as far a calling McConnell “his very close friend”

Now former President Donald Trump hit McConnell like never before for allowed the left to draw up new redistricting lines which will come as a major disadvantage to the GOP.

In a statement released by Trump, he stated, “Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going on all over the Country. Even the Fake New York Times is having a hard time believing how ridiculous things have gotten.”

Trump added, “We were expecting to do well in New York and now, we’ll lose 4 seats and the Old Broken-Down Crow, Mitch McConnell, sits back and does nothing to help the Party. The only thing the Democrats are good at is cheating, and the proof is out for everybody to see but hold on, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

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