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Biden Sending Millions To WHO?

You can’t make this up folks.

President Biden has gone down in the history books for ordering one of the dumbest military evacuations in the history of this country.

Rather than destroying $80-90 billion worth of military grade weapons and equipment he gave it to the Taliban and left them stronger than before the U.S. military entered Afghanistan.

Now, according to Newsmax, President Biden has just agreed to provide “humanitarian aid,” which will likely be several million dollars, to the impoverished country of Afghanistan who is facing an economic crisis.

The decision happened after U.S. representatives met with Afghan leaders in Doha, Qatar, for the first time since the U.S. military left Afghanistan in August.

The Taliban later noted that meeting with U.S. leadership “went well” and they seemed happy Washington was able to come up with some money to offer humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

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