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BREAKING: Biden’s Mental Health Gets WORSE?

Biden should’ve probably kept this to himself.

President Biden has had a long history of getting mentally sidetracked and telling random stories that have nothing to do with anything. It seems like every time Biden stops reading the teleprompter and starts speaking it becomes another nightmare for Democrats and he just did it again.

Recently, Biden delivered a speech just before he signed new proclamations to restore national parks and monuments.

During his speech Biden decided to go off script, something he has repeatedly been warned NOT to do, and shared a very strange memory of a small child who gave him “bears ears”.

In transcript provided by the Gateway Pundit, “I gotta tell you a quick story,” Biden said as his staffers likely began having panic attacks. “When I was running for office, I’m embarrassed I can’t remember exactly which state I was in, but a gentleman and I think it was his wife and a little girl who said ‘could I talk to you?’ – And she had this… it looked like a teddy bear and she said ‘could I talk to you?’ – She wasn’t sure what to call me since I wasn’t elected yet.”

Biden continued, “She said ‘I want to give you something. I want to give you some bears ears…she said ‘you gotta promise me, you gotta promise me you’ll protect the bears ears.”

The father then explained “you know, a national park” referring to Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.


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