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Biden Shares TERRIFYING Message

Biden has lost his mind.

Recently, President Biden took his COVID-19 booster shot and during the event Biden decided to take questions from reporters regarding the pandemic and the vaccinations.

Biden shocked viewers when he claimed that 97-98% of Americans needed to be vaccinated before anything in the country would get back to normal.

During the televised event of his booster shot, Biden was asked, “How many Americans need to get vaccinated before things get back to normal? What is the percentage in total vaccinations…?”

Biden shockingly replied, “Well, I think, look, I think we get the vast majority, like what’s going on in some of these industries and some schools like 97-98%. I think we get awful close.”

Biden did not bother to verify if he meant the booster shots as well but from the looks of it, Democrats don’t want anything going back to normal.

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Image credit: CNET

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