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Kamala’s Dirty Secret Gets Revealed

What is Kamala doing?

During a recent interview with the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) confessed that Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t spoken to him even once about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border since she took office.

Maybe Biden is telling her to ignore the border?

According to Breitbart, Hugh Hewitt asked Gov. Ducey, “First question, governor, has the vice president called you recently about the Arizona border?”

Ducey replied, “I have not talked to the vice president. I’ve asked her to come to the Arizona border, along with the secretary of Homeland Security. And if the vice president is looking for the root causes of what’s happening, she needs to look no further than the Oval Office. This is a change in policies from the Trump/Pence administration.”

Hewitt responded, “How often has Vice President Harris, with authority delegated to her by the president to control the border, how many times has she called you?”

Ducey then made the shocking confession, “She’s not called me once. She was the worst possible choice to be the border czar. She’s shown no level of seriousness on this issue throughout her entire career.”

Apparently, it appears that President Biden and V.P. Kamala Harris plan to handle this border problem by acting like it doesn’t exist.

While Kamala has decided to do absolutely nothing, she did take time out of her busy schedule to criticize Border Patrol agents by claiming they are treating Haitian migrants “inhumanely.”


If Kamala truly cared so why much, why doesn’t she take a trip to the southern border and figure all this mess out?

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