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BREAKING: Biden’s Border Crisis Exposed

Biden should be ashamed of himself.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed a dark truth that most Americans simply do not know because of the way the media tends to manipulate things in Biden’s favor.

Paxton revealed that illegal immigrants including the 15,000 Haitians which were camping under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, were told “from day one” by President Biden that they are welcome here in the United States.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Fox’s Steve Doocy asked, “We just heard from the secretary, who said we sent a very clear message the border is not open. And, yet, that’s not the message they are getting, is it?”

Paxton responded, “No. And that is not the message they have sent. From day one, President Biden said you’re welcome to come here. We will not deport you. And that message was sent loud and clear, and Haitians have been given special protection. They are not being deported, the ones that are already here. So, the administration has even told them, you know, the ones that are here we are not deporting, so that message has gotten through. And that’s why you see that picture on the border with thousands of people waiting to get in.”

Paxton further explained, “I mean, there is a reason that the Haitians are here. He invited them by giving them that special protection, and that message got sent through their community, and that’s why you saw so many show up so quickly. That’s the type of message he has been sending since day one of his administration.”

Paxton later said, “My guess is this is exactly what the Biden administration wants.

Image credit: Texas Tribune

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