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Biden Disgraced In Newly Leaked Video

Look at what Biden has done to America.

By now, everyone knows how bad the Afghanistan situation is thanks to Joe Biden. Sadly, most people are wrong because the situation is much worse…

President Biden decided to foolishly leave billions of dollars worth of weapons and military equipment behind for the enemy and new video has just surfaced giving us all a much needed reality check.

According to the Gateway Pundit, shocking new video has just been released by the Taliban of them flying in American made UH-60A+Blackhawk Helicopters that was gifted to them by President Biden.

One twitter user wrote, “Taliban has started using the UH-60A+ Blackhawk helicopters of #Afghanistan National Air Force which they captured on #Kandahar on 23 August 2021. They have now at-least three operational UH-60A+ helicopters there.”


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Image credit: flight global

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