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Pelosi Caught Partying As America Crumbles

At this point they are rubbing it in our faces!

As America is in turmoil of the devastating Afghanistan crisis along with a complete failure at our U.S.-Mexico border, we have now learned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi along with other top Democrats decided to spend their weekend partying in Napa Valley for a Democrat fundraiser.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Pelosi attended the fundraiser to help further enrich House Democrats and tickets to the event ranged from $100 to $29,000 to chair.

Take a look at the sheer foolishness:

Now watch as Pelosi, who sounds like she’s had one or two drinks too many, speaks at this lavish and over the top fundraiser:

Now watch as Democrat Chuck Schumer dances with Liberal host Stephen Colbert in NYC amid all the problems being faced in America today:

What a mess! Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: The Day

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