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EVIL: Dems Reveal Plan To Finish Trump Off For Good

Democrats are going to do everything they can to prevent Trump from ever coming back.

In a recent interview with CNN, Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) called for the removal of President Trump before President-elect Joe Biden takes power. Clark also stated that she believes articles of impeachment will be brought forward as early as mid-next week.

According to Breitbart, “Donald Trump needs to be removed from office, and we are going to proceed with every tool that we have to make sure that that happens to protect our democracy. If the reports are correct and Mike Pence is not going to uphold his oath of office and remove the president and help protect our democracy, then we will move forward with impeachment to do just that,” Clark warned.

“[W]e know that we have limited time, but that every day that Donald Trump is President of the United States is a day of grave danger,” she went on to say. “So, we can use procedural tools to get articles of impeachment to the floor for a House vote quickly. We have already had Chairman Jerry Nadler, chair of the Judiciary Committee, say that he will use those tools to bring the articles as fast as possible.”

Then after being asked as to when all of this will happen, Clark replied, “Well, that will be, you know, as early as mid-next week. We do have a process we have to go through, but let’s be clear what’s at stake here. We have a president who incited a seditious mob to storm the Capitol. We now have five deaths from that. And the harm to our democracy is really unfathomable.”

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