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CNN’s Sickening Attack On Trump

This is the president they are talking about.

CNN reached a new low this weekend when their own contributor Michael D’Antonio outrageously claimed that President Trump was “so incompetent” that he cant even win at “being a loser.”

According to Breitbart, after being asked about Trump’s recent press conference, D’Antonio stated, “This buffoonery, I think it’s cruelty as well as you noted, there were Americans who literally died in the time that the president was giving us that horrific display. It’s all consistent with who he is and who he has always been.”

Adding, “He is a profoundly incompetent person. A loser, if you might say. He’s so incompetent he cannot even succeed at being a loser. He’s failing at this essential task, which all men face at some point in their lives. We all lose at various moments. And he can’t man-up and do the mature thing. And do the right thing by the country. Which is acknowledge that the system worked, that there was no fraud. That our democracy is strong, and our institutions have held. Instead, he’s dragging us through this show, and it’s really reticence of all of the flaws in his personality and character that have been present almost since birth. This is the creature he has always been.”

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Image credit: The Independent

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