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HUGE: Pelosi Opens The Door For Illegals To Vote

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier…

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has actually urged people in America to not be intimidated by officers who look like ICE agents at the polling locations.

President Trump has already sternly asserted that he will have police at several locations across America to guarantee safety for all.

According to Breitbart, during her interview with MSNBC, Pelosi stated, “Well, let us hope that it really does not materialize. You know, there are three stages – I don’t have to tell you – to elections. The period leading up, and that’s the period in which we also have early voting, what happens on Election Day, and that’s the cautionary warning that you are giving us, and then what happens after in the counting of the votes. The integrity of our elections must be maintained. Democratic or Republican, the result will be respected, but Republican and Democratic governors throughout the country, I don’t know what real role that they have unless we’re talking about just stopping the violence that the president is trying it invokes, but I do know that he is intimidating people, and that is really an argument for people to vote by mail, vote early, vote by mail.”

Pelosi then went on to say, “Don’t be intimidated by going to polling places and see people who look like ICE agents or law enforcement or something who might follow you home to see, you know, if you have a mixed-status home or something like that. This is, so I’ve never seen anything like this before, but then again, we’ve never had a president before who would disregard all that the Constitution says about guardrails and the rest. A person who was just a rogue President of the United States, and it’s most unfortunate. But nonetheless, be prayerful that somebody will intervene today and say you just tipped the scale too far. I – one of my prayers is that the Republicans will take back their party. The country needs a strong Republican Party that’s done so much for our country, and to have it be hijacked as a cult at this time is really a sad thing for America also as it gives credence to white supremacists.”

Should Trump Put ICE Agents At Polling Locations?


Image credit: Wall Street Journal

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