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Impeachment Hearing Gets Wrecked; Americans Warn Of 2nd Civil War

The Democrats have been doing way too much lately and it’s looking really pathetic…

Today, Rep. Matt Gaetz did something that left every single person in that rooms JAW ON THE FLOOR.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Gaetz introduced an amendment to include proper language on Burisma Holdings into the legislation. Then, Gaetz immediately puts Hunter Biden in his crosshairs and gives a 5-minute speech about his crack cocaine addiction!

Don’t believe us? WATCH:

Good luck impeaching Trump now!

But, let’s say these crooked Democrats do actually impeach President Trump, what then?

Well, CBS News wanted to find out and actually asked Trump supporters what would happen if Trump did get impeached. The answer terrified them.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump supporters are warning of a second Civil War if Trump get’s impeached!

One supporter even said “My .357 Magnum is comfortable with that. End of story.

Another Trump supporter stated, “There’ll be a lot of mad Americans, possibly 70, 80,000 — 70, 80 million Americans on the loose, not very happy.”


Image credit: Forbes

6 thoughts on “Impeachment Hearing Gets Wrecked; Americans Warn Of 2nd Civil War

  1. Ed Burrows says:

    Do nothing but waste time & money democrats need to be replaced ! Trump will kick your butt !

  2. Richard Freeman says:

    That includes me

  3. Irwin C Gemlich says:

    The demon-rat squad is emblematic of the demonrat party. They are so corrupt they stink! They are the communist party in the USA. And they have the nerve to attack the best President of the United States we have ever had? They are demonstrating that they are the enemy from within our own government. They must be removed themselves.

    1. Evan Tibbott says:

      I’m all in on that. The corruption has become too endemic. The election of 2020 is our prime opportunity. I hope we can take advantage of it while we still have the chance. We are at a tipping point. Trump will have my full support. – set in granite. The ,modern democratic party has become the incubator of subversion., intent on destroying our country and the constitution.

  4. ahem tonto says:

    The corrupt Democrat Party is attempting to act as the entire U.S. Congress, the Administrative Branch and the Judicial branch of government and to usurp the electorate. They are the single threat to our republic inits history. We must demand justice and equal treatment under the law. Not even the House Democrats are above the law. people need to be tried and imprisoned for the treasonous coup they are attempting to unleash.

  5. Nancy P. and Adam S. along with the other Democrats living under Satan’s control should say a prayer. “Lord, help us as we take inventory of our ways right now. Show us any junk we have acquired that needs to go. We need to make better decisions, think of others (not ourselves all the time), take control of our lives and change our evil ways – so we can travel lighter, freer, and happier in you.”

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