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Fox News Host Betrays Trump!

Somebody needs to kick this two-timing sell out to the curb!

Is there anyone in the mainstream media that still stands with President Trump? The economy is booming, black unemployment is at an all time low, consumer confidence is at an all time high and they still want to impeach this man?

According to Breitbart, on today’s airing of “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace spoke about Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony and insisted that the crooked FBI still be given the benefit of the doubt!

Can you believe that?

Wallace stated, “Can you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was a political bias there? No, but it sure does stink when you have three different teams, and they are all pushing the same way, and it’s all for investigating and surveilling Carter Page.”

Adding, “That doesn’t mean the entire Russia investigation was fraudulent. One of the points that Pat Leahy, the second Ranking Democrat on the committee made, is he asked Horowitz, ‘how many times as Carter Page mentioned in the Mueller report?’ The answer, according to Leahy, because Horowitz didn’t know, seven pages. So one of the points I think Democrats will make is that it can be true on the one hand that there was terrible misconduct or even potentially crimes in the FISA application and the way in which Carter Page was treated by the federal government. It doesn’t mean though that the entire Russia investigation was therefore illegitimate.”


Is Chris Wallace representing the views of Fox News? Let us know in the comments below…

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25 thoughts on “Fox News Host Betrays Trump!

  1. I don’t understand why foxnews.com keeps this guy. He’s obviously a never Trump supporter.

    1. peter given says:

      FOX news is slowly turning liberal, Murdoch’s sons have taken over FOX and they bleed liberal blue. Trump stated that FOX news on the weekend is unwatchable -looks like CNN he said.

    2. Mari Jo Oneill says:

      Get rid of him, he is another left wing loon.

  2. Ed says:

    Chris Wallace, is nothing more than a Democrat Hack. Just like most of the MSM he is definitely bias in his so called reporting.

    1. peter given says:

      Well we got rid of Shep Smith right?

  3. tinker68 says:

    I can’t watch Wallace any longer, haven’t been able to for a long time. It’s like watching Don Lemon in drag talking to a prospect.

    1. Mari Jo Oneill says:

      Have never watched him, don’t like his smug attitude.

      1. jean lazzara says:

        completely agree . Wallace is a press grabing liberal. Nothing more. I’ve never liked or watched him and will not watch
        Fox when he is on it. terrible person.

  4. Rohrer Tom says:

    We don’t watch or listen to Chris Wallace any more!!’

  5. carl milazzo says:

    I just quit watching Chris Wallace after reading his comments and I have watched him religiously for years no more

  6. Carl Powers says:

    Chris Wallace and Juan Williams are used as their fair and balanced theme. But it is not working that is why I very seldom watch Fox any more I used to watch them regular. But my Blood pressure rises. I very seldom watch any new except a few podcast where I can hear the truth. And don’t have to listen to dim witted liberal Socialist.

  7. Ron says:

    He is a fluke

  8. Danuté says:

    Chris Wallace is an old man with out a brain, and hates President Trump He’s Hillery clinton puppet.

  9. Simple, Fire Him, Let him go home, Let him, think of the Damage, he caused Fox, & shaming the President. That is our Commander in chief, we need him.

  10. ttd says:

    Look if Wallace isn’t a cnn plant he is sure acting like one. I really don’t know why he is still on. I could never stand him, But it seems like FOX has decided it wants to be more liberal leaning. I understand the old man has given “the never accomplished anything on his own son ” a lot more authority and he useless kid is a liberal pig. Kind of matches up with Biden and his loser son.

  11. Willybob says:

    WOW, All I will Watch Now Is HANITY, LAURA AND THE JUDGE. When I want the real News , now I go to OANN. NEWS.
    BOBBY ~!~

    1. jean lazzara says:


  12. Stephen Klein says:

    I no longer watch Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace is biased towards conservatives & President Trump.

    He has NO CREDIBILITY with me or my family. The three of us will be voting for a second term for President Trump in 2020.

    I watch News Max & OAN more now than Fox News. Fox is catering to the Democratic Party, and give this impeachment farce credibility. Disgusting!

    Steve Klein

  13. DonRS says:

    Chris Wallace has always been the same kind of skank that his father was. However, for years, he tried to mask his bias. No longer. What a dishonest SMUCK!

  14. Rex E. Davis says:

    What a jerk and a super disappointment. There was a time that I thought he would be the next Mike Wallace but he more closely resembles Junior Samples from Hee Haw. Loyalty is a hiss and a by word to this traitor. He is making don lemon and Rachel Madcow look good and that takes some doing. Wake up Chris before you piss away a golden opportunity away.

  15. Mike says:

    If Wallace comes on FOX, I turn Fox off. I might as well watch CNN or MSNBC if I want to listen to Wallaces Liberal crap. If FOX News wants to keep it’s viewership, they need to think hard about keeping this liberal huckster around. I’ve start watching NewsMax and OAN on a regular basis.

  16. Memnoch says:

    I don’t watch him at all,when he comes on I change the channel,but when he’s a guest he bias is soooo obvious ,he actually makes me sick

  17. Jim says:

    I can no longer watch FOX when Chris Wallace is on. He has lost all credibility with us. You can also add Judge Napolitano to that too.
    FOX would do everyone a favor by getting rid of both of them.

  18. Guybo says:

    Anybody remember his father … MIKE Wallace ??? ” Like father – like son ” ……. A full blown liberal. Wake-up people.

  19. Elmo Redds says:

    Break his glasses while they are still on his face . This guy never impressed me . Do nothing right democrat boy !

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