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Romney Erupts After Trump Commutes Stone!

Mitt Romney is a backstabbing POS!

Shortly after President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s extremely unfair prison sentence, which accused him of lying to Congress over the Democrats’ PHONY Russia-Collusion investigation, Republican Mitt Romney joined Democrats and condemned Trump’s actions.

If you may not already know, House Speaker Pelosi claimed that Trump freeing Stone was “a terrible idea” and “appalling.”

“I think it’s a terrible idea,” Pelsoi stated. “Just look at this administration, the president and his henchmen, so many of his friends, advisers, campaign chairman, etc. are in jail. And for the president to be able to issue a pardon on the basis of a crime that the person committed assisting the president is ridiculous. And we have — there ought to be a law, and I’m recommending that we pass a law that presidents cannot issue a pardon if the crime that the person is in jail for is one that is caused by protecting the president, which this was. It’s appalling.”

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, Republican traitor Mitt Romney joined Pelosi and took to twitter and wrote, “Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.”

Do you think Romney is stepping out of line with this disapproval of Trump’s actions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: HotWnews