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BREAKING: State Tries To Ban Trump From Entering!

This is WILD!

These ruthless Democrats sure do have some nerve! In an outrageous move, Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel has unbelievably stated that the state of Michigan will ask President Trump to “not to return” if he refuses to wear a face mask while visiting their Ford plant.

According to the Daily Caller, In a letter written to the White House Nessel stated that those “recently exposed, including the President of the United States, has not only a legal, but also a social and moral responsibility, to take reasonable precautions to prevent further spread of the virus.”

Then during an interview with CNN Nessel reaffirmed, “Obviously here in Michigan we have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Our auto manufacturing facilities just went back online on Monday, but there was a carefully negotiated agreement that became law.”

We are just asking that President Trump comply with the law of our state.

Nessel later stated, “If he fails to wear a mask, he’s going to be asked not to return to any enclosed facilities inside our state. If we know he is coming to our state, and we know he’s not going to follow the law, I think we’re going to have to take action against any company or any facility that allows him inside those facilities.” 

UPDATE: CBS News has just reported that President Trump appears to not have worn a mask during his visit to the Ford Plant in Michigan.

When asked about his decision President Trump said, “I had one on before, I wore one on in this back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”

I am ashamed to have him be president of the United States of America,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel stated. “I hope that the voters of Michigan will remember this… He didn’t respect them enough just to engage in the very simple task, the painless task, the easy task of wearing a mask.”

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Image credit: USA Today