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Doctor Confesses On Fox, Democrats Furious

Here’s what we know…

Doctors across the country are noticing a shocking trend and now over 500 doctors have written a letter to President Trump calling for the reopening for the US economy.

According to the Gateway Pundit, in the letter, medical professionals highlight a 600 percent increase suicide hotline calls,  300 to 600 percent increase in liquor sales and similar increases in cigarette sale.

Now, renowned Dr. Marc Siegel joined Fox Businesses’ Varney and Co. highlighted several important issues.

During his interview Siegel stated, “Lockdowns have never been proven to work when there’s this much virus around. They just don’t work. The virus is already in the community. In New York City the hot spot we’re seeing a decline in COVID cases, a decline in the amount that are admitted to the hospital. We need to reopen our hospitals… And Well Being Trust has something called deaths of despair and every time the unemployment rate goes up 1 point, deaths of despair climb by about 20,000 a year. And you know what that means here? Between 75 and 150,000 deaths will occur due to alcoholism, due to drug abuse, due to suicide from people who lose their jobs. We’re going to end up seeing a lot more people die from the after effects from this virus than from the virus itself if we don’t end the lockdowns now.

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