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Trump Hangs Schiff Out To Dry

He completely exposed him!

Earlier today, Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was visibly upset over the truth that unfolded, asked President Donald Trump about the attempted coup against him by the slimy Obama administration.

According to the Gateway Pundit, President Trump didn’t hold back and exposed Schiff for the shameless traitor he is.

“A lot of bad things went on. All we can do is keep winning and if we keep winning eventually they’re going to come around one way or another. It may not be from them because I’m not sure you can do it with them. Tremendous dishonesty from Schiff and from others. And they know… These are not stupid people. They know it was a hoax. They know better than anyone in this room it was a hoax. They set it up. They’re not aggrieved.”

I watched Schiff, shifty Schiff. Nine inches around the neck. And I watch this guy, uses the world’s smallest collar. But I watched him, I guess this morning talking about. He acts so aggrieved. So aggrieved. He knows it was a… He got caught! And not only caught, if he weren’t in the halls of Congress he’d be in jail because he made up phony stories and phony speeches and everything was phony.”

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Image credit: Axios