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Fox Host Turns On Trump?

He’s giving liberal news a helping hand.

Whose side is this guy on? Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” claimed that the sexual assault accusations by former staffer Tara Reade against 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden will disappear like the accusations against President Trump have.

According to Breitbart, Wallace stated, “I’m not sure she’s going to be around for six months. She’s told her story, people will make of it what they will, but there is not any hard fact that there was the sexual assault.”

He then said, “There is certainly some contemporaneous statements by her at the time if not immediately and 1993 and you get the statement from the ex-husband in 1986, but that cuts both ways because, on one hand, he says it was sexual harassment, saying nothing about sexual assault.”

Adding, “My own feeling about this is unless there is some new smoking gun that comes up or another woman, and there’s no reason to suspect that, but unless something new comes to feed the fire I think the Tara Reade story disappears like the Christine Blasey Ford story disappeared and the women who made allegations against President Trump, that their stories disappeared over time.”

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Image credit: Fox News