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Trump Jr. Rips Liars At CNN

They should be ashamed.

Donald Trump Jr. opened fire on the frauds over at CNN after seeing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un alive and well after they falsely reported that he was in a vegetative state or dead following a botched surgery.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump Jr. hammered CNN’s Jim Sciutto for sharing fake news something that they labelled as CNN’s “biggest story of the year.”

“What does it say about news standards at @CNN that one of their so-called star reporters, @jimsciutto, falsely reported what would have been the biggest story of the year, that Kim Jong Un was on his deathbed, & yet he almost surely won’t face any consequences for botching it?” Trump jr wrote. “Turns out the only ones brain dead were CNN and ‘their sources.’

On April 20th Sciutto claimed that Kim Jong Un was in “grave danger” following a mysterious surgery. Sciutto’s actions resulted in other mainstream media organization running wild with similar foreign news reports. 

Should CNN be held responsible for their false reporting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: Fox News