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Schiff Takes Cheap Shot At Trump

Get a load of what he just said…

Adam Schiff should be behind bars for the things he’s done. Now, he’s only gotten worse and during a recent appearance on MSNBC, Schiff stated that if Senate had gotten rid of President Trump during his impeachment trial, coronavirus deaths in the US would not be “equivalent to the number of people we lost on 9/11” daily.

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell stated, “We can’t act even slightly surprised by this because you told us this was going to happen in your argument in the Senate impeachment trial.”

Schiff responded, “Well, we certainly told the senators that he was not going to change, and there was no way to constrain him. That he is who he is, and he would continue to operate the way he had, and indeed, that’s exactly what we’ve seen since. The one thing we dramatically understated is when we asked the question if you found him guilty, do you really need to remove him given there is another election only nine months away, how much damage could he really do?”

Adding, “We said a lot, but little did we know just how great the casualties would be. Some days we lose the equivalent of the number of people we lost on 9/11. You know, I think that there is no way we could have foreseen just how tragic his malfeasance would be in his remaining months in the administration.”

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Image credit: Newsweek