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Lindsey Graham Chickens Out To Schiff

Can Lindsey Graham still be trusted after what he just said?

One of the most surprising developments of this entire impeachment case was when it was discovered that crooked Adam Schiff leveraged his subpoena powers to access Devin Nunes’ phone records.

Americans were expecting a response from Republicans to this shocking discovery. However, when reporters asked Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) if he was going to use his own subpoena powers to access Schiff’s phone records, Graham rejected the idea!

According to Breitbart, “No, I don’t have any desire to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records,” Graham stated. “We’re not going to do that. No, we’re not going to do that. I wouldn’t want my phone records subpoenaed. Now, if some investigative body outside of Senate oversight wants to do it, that’s up to them. But when House members and Senate members start subpoenaing each other as part of oversight, the whole system breaks down.”

“I think what he’s doing is setting a very bad precedent,” Graham added. “When politicians start subpoenaing phone records of another politician as part of an oversight process, which is sometimes very partisan, it becomes very problematic for us to do our job. Now, none of us are above the law. So if you had a special counsel or grand jury, then you would be subjected like every other citizen. But you could invoke defenses of being a member of Congress. You’ll have a certain status there. But when we start looking at each others’ phone records and who we talk to, that gets to be chaos, and I will have no part of that.”

Why is Lindsey Graham scared to hit back at Adam Schiff all the sudden? Are we missing something here? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Image credit: National Review

19 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Chickens Out To Schiff

  1. tinker68 says:

    Well, he’s welcome to his opinion, I wonder how others in the senate and the house feel.

  2. Donald L Wright says:

    This tells me as to where the democrats (demons) stand and the Republicans stand in their pursuit of honesty. Keep up the good work Lindsey.

    1. Marty Martin says:

      I agree with Lindsey, show class and restraint until you can’t do anything else, then you push back, only be prepared to push harder if necessary, I will never believe another Democrat as long as I live, so help me God.

      1. Been showing restraint and class for three years now time to grow a set and do what he said he was going to do.

  3. Anthony E Cummings says:

    I think he is doing the right thing, he is not lowering himself to a disgusting an immoral person like the Liar Shifty Schiff. It shows that Graham has morals and wants to do the right thing in Congress, let’s bury
    the hatchet you elected people in Washington DC and work together for the people and the country.
    Other Nations must see you all as a bunch of spoiled brats, you all are discussing trying to impeach the President even before he was in office, an I’m not even a Republican but I tell you right now I will never ever vote for a Democratic again. (Independent voter)

  4. Bob Prosser says:

    I’m not happy about the way the republicans have done a lot of things however, I must agree with Lindsey Graham on this, two wrongs don’t make a right. What I do feel should be done is Schiff should be brought up on charges and thrown out of of Congress for all his illegal actions and lies. I don’t understand why the republicans are waiting so long to go after the Biden’s. Hunter is a dope addict that got thrown out of the navy for using and dealing, I’d like to know if he received a dishonorable discharge like any other person would have received or did daddy cover for him on that also? Joe Biden is on video stating he held back funds to the Ukraine unless they got rid of the person investigating his son. Why didn’t they immediately investigate him for his quid pro quo actions and prosecute him? This man was caught red handed and should not even be allowed to run for president. Now they’re pushing for Trump’s tax returns, there is no law that makes this a requirement, they just want any and every thing they can get to bring the President of the United States down. If Congress wants to make this a requirement for the future fine but they damn sure better make sure that they have to make their own tax returns public along with anyone else running for any public office. I guarantee this will never happen because “Congress is above the law” and Schiff is a perfect example. The 2nd amendment was put into the Constitution so that legal American citizens could take action and overthrow a corrupt government, why do you think the democrats are trying so hard to take it away. Just think, if Hillary had been elected president none of this would have ever came to light. Obama passed DACA and other illegal executive orders, why weren’t they ever brought before the courts. Being a legal citizen is a requirement to be president, showing your taxes isn’t. Why wasn’t Obama’s birth certificate ever certified legal and legitimate before either Congress and/or the courts? The democrats want illegals into this country so they can get their vote, why do you think they don’t want the wall and look which party is in control of all these illegal sanctuary cities, DEMOCRATS! I can go on and on but there will be some hypocritical, liberal idiot out there that will find a way to justify the democrat party’s actions. The legal citizens in this country aren’t stupid but they are ignorant. We have a media that is supposed to be responsible to police itself, it did back in the 60’s, today they are doing nothing but feeding propaganda and broadcasting news with their own personal opinion which is what Russia did back in the 50’s and 60’s. This is also when Nikita Khrushchev stated to the world that the communists would “Take Over America Without Firing a Shot”. If the legal citizens of this great country of ours don’t start paying attention to the Constitution of the United States and demand accountability from the media, the politicians, the courts, the president, county, town, school boards etc. along with everything in your own backyard we’re doomed and there won’t be a 300th year celebration of The United States of America. Let’s get back to God, Guts and Guns and take our country back from these liberal’s including the LGBTQ movement and all the other self serving organizations before it’s to late. These groups are turning our boy’s into sissy’s instead of men and it’s killing our country, nobody want’s to be responsible for their own actions anymore. As America’s favorite redneck commentator Earl Pitt’s used to say at the end of every show “Wake Up America!”

    1. Michael Heckert says:

      I agree 100% lets take our country back now !
      If you agree let here it be a proud America.

    2. Biggie Blue says:

      Wake Up America we are under attack from The Swamp People AKA The Democrat Socialist Party, or as they are listed The Democratic Party DNC!

  5. Gene Isaak says:

    I agree with Bob Prosser.

  6. Bob Prosser says:

    Thanks, I don’t usually get into these reply’s but I sincerely appreciate your comment and support. God Bless the USA and it’s legal citizens.

  7. Al Zeiner says:

    I also agree with Bob Prosser. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If we get down into the gutter with Democrats, we will just prove we are no better than they are. I just hope the hypnotized sheeple will wake up to the double dealing actions of a totally corrupted Democrat machine, and let said machine know they don’t agree with their tactics, and vote them out of office.

    In any event, we desperately need to set term limits – no more than two terms in Congress for anyone, ever again.

    1. Bob Prosser says:

      Thanks Al here’s a link to something everyone might be interested in regarding Marty’s posting regarding Civil War., thanks Marty. It’s nice to see a bunch of patriots out there, God Bless You All & God Bless America.


  8. Al Zeiner says:

    Another thing. Lindsey Graham did NOT chicken out to Shiff, he took the high road, something I don’t recall a Democrat doing in the 50 plus years I’ve been watching politics.

  9. Marty says:

    I believe the Democrats are pushing so hard it may end up in another Civil War, you can push law abiding citizens and true American for awhile, but when the Shit hits the Fan, it won’t be pretty, eventually we will push back, only harder because we have Honest people like Trump who the Armies will respect and follow, except maybe a couple of Socialist Generals Who love Soros Money, hope it never has to happen.

  10. DEM’S say Trump is corrupt. But every thing they say, is exactly what they are doing. They are standing on the world stage showing just how corrupt they are.

  11. Roger Boober says:

    I was born into a free county and the democratic party is using Democratic party seems to think that they should own the country, and continue the destruction of American freedoms in order that they can dictate what freedoms you may have is any. If you want to give up this nation to democrats and chosen favored immigrants then get out and vote for the democrats. I had children who when didn’t get their own way kicked the floor and screamed. Sound familiar. The relentless pursuit of removing is dividing this country. American citizens are being replaced with non american citizens and democrats are forcing citizen tax money to support them. That is if they live long enough to do it.

  12. FEDUP365 says:

    Lindsey Grahm can NOT be trusted. He’s a bag of hot air and does absolutely nothing. He had the demoncraps on the ropes and backed the phuc off of them and let them go and then the SHITfz show round 2 began. He has also taken $500,000 from mickie Bloomingturd for his reElection so hell NO he can’t be trusted to have President Trumps BEST INTEREST at hand. DO NOT TRUST anything linseed graham has to say or do, he’s been BOUGHT and PAID for by Bloomingturd the gun grabbing asshat from New Dork.

  13. Mike Kerby says:

    Mike Kerby
    I am tired of being bullied by the Democrats, it is time to fight back. There has been several comments stating that we as Republicans should not lower the the Democratic level. I was taught to fight back by what ever means available. It is time to go to the Democratic level and hit them hard with what ever information that can be found. If we keep laying down and taking this the Democrats will keep making up lies. President Trump is is trying, but the Republicans must unite behind the President.

  14. CP says:

    WELL SAID BOB PROSSER!!!! I agree with Lindsay Graham. Why should he or any reputable person ruin their integrity and values just to get back at some dumbass because he wants to be stupid and possibly breaking the law. Adam Schiff is probably the whistle blower. Is he the only one who knows the whistle blower? That’s another disgraceful act. He certainly didn’t play fair during the inquiry hearings. He really doesn’t want to know the truth otherwise he would not have been so down right RUDE. Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan certainly did a great job with their responses. The whole process was an Adam Schiff disgrace. I hope he hangs his self, rope’s getting thin.

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