How To Make A SMOKELESS Fire Pit In 5 Minutes

This is one of the most important fires that you can build for yourself in survival situation.

Not only is this fire pit virtually smokeless the additional benefits include:

  • Being totally invisible to others around you while it burns.
  • Totally wind resistant.
  • Burns at a much hotter temperature due to excess air intake.
  • Uses less fuel.
  • Easier to extinguish.
  • And last but not least it can easily be covered up, leaving no trace of you ever having been there.

So YEA! This is a pretty useful type of fire pit.

Additionally, it’s super easy to make and can even be built with your BARE hands.

Thankfully the awesome guys at Van Lanen Carpentry have made a really awesome video showing you how to make it, feel free to subscribe to them.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A SMOKELESS Fire Pit In 5 Minutes

  1. June Anne Garber says:

    Please sign me up for this fire pit without smoke! I’ve studied many years and tried many different styles of outdoor camping styles especially in dire situations and our family members have been found very good at the ways of survival situations. It’s something we’ve done for years!

  2. Smokey says:

    I would like info on how to build this smokeless fire pit.

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