Emergency Preparedness

How Fast Does A Home Fire Actually Spread?


According to the experts, Each year, house fires cause around 13,000 injuries, 2,500 deaths, and nearly $7 billion in damage. YIKES!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, here is where most of the fires occur in homes:

  • Kitchens – 50%
  • Bedroom – 7%
  • Chimney – 6%
  • Living Room – 4%
  • Laundry Room – 3%
  • Outdoor fires – 3%

Fire is FAST!

In less than just five minutes a fire can totally engulf your home!


During a house fire, you can’t afford to waste even a second. Have a fire escape plan ready and make sure you have the doorways clear of any obstruction. Train your kids if you have any and make sure all the fire alarms are properly functioning.

Smoke Alarms

Ensure each and every smoke alarm in your house has photoelectric and ionization smoke sensors. Regularly change out the batteries. Don’t forget your attic, garage and basement!


During The Fire

Follow these rules:

  1. Move towards the exit, crawl low to the ground avoiding smoke.
  2. Don’t stop to collect any of your belongings, you won’t be able to use them if you die anyways.
  3. If you see smoke collecting at your exit, find another exit.
  4. Feel the door knob; if hot, don’t open, find another exit.
  5. Open any door slowly checking for heavy smoke or fire.
  6. If your clothes catch fire, REMEMBER Stop, drop, and roll!