We’ve Seen Bug Out Vehicles, But THIS is INSANE

What do you think of this luxury survival vehicles?

California custom truck builder Rezvani has made something just for us preppers! They call it the Tank X. modeled off of a Jeep Wrangler chassis, it displays chiseled bodywork that looks like something straight out of a futuristic science fiction movie.

It runs on a 1,000 hp version of the supercharged V8 engine from a Dodge Demon muscle car. Rezvani upgraded it’s suspension to go with it offering an optional 6-inch body lift for getting over extreme terrain.

See literally EVERYTHING with the built-in FLIR infrared camera. The makers claim the Tank X has a built in military-grade anti-EMP device that defends the entire electrical system. Now imagine that!

The Tank X starts at a WHOPPING $349,000, however there is a standard Tank model with a 500 hp Dodge V8 for $155,000.

The guys at Rezvani have also built a “military” version with bulletproof glass and armor, IED protection, electrified door handles, a blinding light system, smoke screen, run flat tires. starting at $295,000 and costs $444,000 with the Demon motor.

Imaging rolling around in this after the SHTF!

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  1. john grouper says:

    very cool!

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