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Best Dog Breeds For When The SHTF

A dog isn’t just a pet, it’s a loyal companion. However, different breeds have different uses. Here are the best breeds for preppers and survivalist!

Specific dog breeds fit specific rolls for preppers. Here are the three categories of dogs breeds that best fit our needs: guard dogs, livestock guardians, and herding dogs.

When the SHTF your food and water will become a huge target.

Now we know that you preppers will have some system of protection built for your homestead. However, a guard dog will give you the next level of  protection you will need. Invest your disaster funds in one or more guard dogs and their proper training. Remember the dogs TRAINING is imperative for survival. Make sure you and your family have built strong trust with these animals.

Here are the best types of guard dogs:

  1. Akita – Extremely easy to train, very alert, intelligent, very loyal and does well in family atmosphere.
  2. German Shepherd – First choice for K-9 law enforcement and militaries, very loyal, extremely protective, intelligent, confident, show little rebellion.
  3. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog – Massive guard dogs, family-friendly, extremely protective, not suited for warm weather.
  4. Norwegian Elkhound – Best for vast amounts of land, seemingly unlimited energy, hardy, family-friendly, require lots of roaming space.
  5. Boxer – Good with families, strong, alert, smart, loyal, easy to train.

These are the best dog breeds for livestock guarding:

  1. Anatolian Shepherd – Able to deter small- to medium-sized predators, intelligence, agile.
  2. Great Pyrenees – Popular breed for livestock, good in hot weather despite having thick fur.
  3. Maremma Sheepdog – smallest of the livestock guardian breeds, however very effective guard dogs, show no fear, require constant socialization or else will show signs of aggression.
  4. Komondor – Good in cold climates and unable to deal with Hot climate, must be sheared twice yearly, extremely social, behave well with families and dogs.
  5. Tibetan Mastiff – Excellent livestock guardians, Extremely large dogs, hardy in extreme cold and rugged terrain, can defend against leopards, wolves, and tigers in their native Mongolia and India.

Here are the best herd dogs:

  1. Australian Cattle Dog – Often called “heelers” because they nip at heels of livestock, overall good herd dog.
  2. Rough Collie – Easiest to train. Affectionate, sometimes demand attention.
  3. Australian Shepherd – High energy, very agile, highly obedient, thrive with positive enforcement.

However before you make any purchase be sure to visit only trusted breeders and spend time with different dogs to gauge what’s most suitable for you. We recommend you purchase your future watchdog as a puppy to ensure proper training and family bond.