Emergency Preparedness

Everyday Survival Decisions You Should Be Making

Prepping isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. You shouldn’t set time aside to prep it should be something you think about at all times. To be an effective prepper know this…

Here are some small but high reward things you should be doing everyday to ready yourself for when the SHTF.

Hygiene and hand washing

People always over look this, but you need to spend at least 15 seconds everytime you wash your hands and wash your hands often. Wash your hands before eating or touching your face and after being in public.

Regularly wash your hand from the elbow down for 45 seconds as well.

Always have CASH

Not a credit or debit card. Have COLD HARD CASH for when disaster strikes and you need to buy last minute supplies.

Re-Evaluate your EDC

Always check your Everyday Carry Kit (EDC) before leaving home so you are ready for small emergencies. Make sure you have multi-toold, paracord, and a survival lighter in your EDC.

Your clothing is also part of your EDC so be dressed for anything at all times.

Practicing Driving

This is common sense that even everyday civilians know the importance of. A wreck is a SHTF moment, you need to do everything possible to avoid one.

Always have enough gas and load up on supplies

Your bug-out bag (BOB) is worthless if you don’t have gas. Always try to keep your tank full and never let it fall below half a tank.

Keep you car stocked with several supplies such as water and additional survival gear. I have always kept a small tool box in my truck since I was teenager.

When Flying, CHOOSE Your Seat!

It is proven that sitting at the window seat is the best way to avoid airborne and infection diseases. Although it isn’t 100% safe it is your best option.

Always Know Where The EXIT Is

Don’t be paranoid, that’s not what a prepper is. However, you always need to know where the exit is.

A lot of these tips can easily be pushed off as common sense. But how many of these do you actually practice? The best way to be prepared is to always have prepping and survival on your mind! Stay SAFE prepper.