Considering Camping Alone? Follow These Steps

It’s a great idea, but know this first…

You may have never considered it before, but camping alone has many benefits. Such as getting away the city, technology, others. It’s also a great  way to develop survival skills and become one with nature.

However, since you are planning on being alone the threat of putting yourself in danger becomes MUCH greater. To avoid these dangers make sure you know these important rules to follow.

  1. Pack light. Remember you are alone the more you have weighing you down the slower and more tired you become.
  2. Make sure your shelter is well built. Its needs not only be comfy and warm, but can’t break down on you and can’t make your stay in the wild MORE dangerous.
  3. Take only what you need. ONLY the essentials such as, but not limited to, a flashlight, medical kit, fire starter, lamp, necessary trailing maps, and water. Have enough pre-packaged foods to last even if you are a stranded a little longer than expected. Don’t forget to eat three high protein meals
  4. Have a back up plan. Prepare for bad weather, animals, getting lost, running out of supplies, needing immediate evacuation, etc. Cover all the bases. You are alone after all.
  5. Have faith. Don’t be foolish, but trust in yourself. Prepare well and don’t rush this. It’s a great way to develop some very important life skills and is relaxing, just be smart about it.

Camping out alone isn’t a joke, your life depends on your preparedness. However, you can learn some very useful, effective, and new techniques. Not to mention you will be better suited than others when the SHTF. HAPPY CAMPING 🙂