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You MUST Have These 10 Items For When SHTF

These survival items are literally invaluable for the SHTF!

Sure these items are not expensive right now, but watch how much value they will have when disaster strikes and money is no longer valuable.

Here’s what you MUST have:

1. Toilet paper, this is self explanatory, unless you love leaves have quite a bit.

2. Hand sanitizer will become invaluable when water is scarce and you need to be clean.

3. Soap, we take it for granted but just think about how badly it will be missed when we have none…

4. Small lighters are going to be extremely useful and an excellent item to trade for. You can purchase them in bulk for cheap and will last forever!

5. Aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen? Trust us you will need large amounts of this when disaster strikes

6. Kleenex/tissue, you’re going to want to keep your toilet paper for what it’s meant to be used for.

7. Daily multi-vitamin, you have no idea what nutrition you will be lacking when disaster strikes. Keep you and your family’s immune system STRONG.

8. Not a smoker? Good, don’t smoke but you will reap huge benefits when you barter them for quality goods.

9. Spare ammo – Even if you don’t have a gun for a certain caliber you’ve stockpiled you can barter for the caliber you want and other goods!

10. Liquor, all kinds of liquor is essential for bartering or even setting the mood since you will be more prepared than the others! 😉

Again there are many more items you will need, but this is a really good start and something to think about. Other important items such as OTC medications, shoestrings, toothpaste, fishing line along with countless other things should be considered.