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Governor Tells Trump To Stay Out Of State

This is infuriating!

While Kenosha, Wisconsin burns due to extreme civil unrest following the death of Jacob Blake, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes has suggested that President Trump should cancel his expected visit and stay out of Kenosha altogether.

According to CNN, Barnes stated, “You look at the incendiary remarks that the President has made, they centered an entire convention around creating more animosity and creating more division around what is going on in Kenosha. So, I don’t know how given any of the previous statements that the President made that he intends to come here to be helpful. And we absolutely don’t need that right now.”

Lt. Gov. Barnes isn’t the only one not looking forward to Trump’s visit. Governor Tony Evers also wrote a letter to Trump begging him to stay out of Wisconsin.

“I write today to respectfully ask you to reconsider,” Gov. Evers wrote. “This past week has been particularly difficult. Kenosha and communities across Wisconsin are enduring extraordinary grief, grappling with a Black man being shot seven times and the loss of two additional lives on Tuesday night at the hands of an out-of-state armed militant. When I visited Kenosha last week, what I saw was a community working to deal with the trauma and pain of these events and extreme loss.”

Should Trump Stay Out Of Kenosha?