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Pelosi Calls Trump A Wimp!

What won’t this liar say?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently sat down with MSNBC’s “Deadline,” where she ran her mouth and said President Trump’s latest executive order named Safe Policing for Safe Communities “fell sadly and seriously short” of what was needed following the nationwide protests caused by George Floyd’s tragic death.

It’s important to note that President Trump’s newest order has received praise from the likes of even CNN’s Van Jones.

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace asked, “What came out of the White House today, coming up short. The president’s executive order on policing was not the sweeping change many have been calling for, including our next guest who said in response to the president, quote, during this moment of national anguish, we must insist on bold change, not meekly surrender to the bare minimum. Joining us now, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Madam Speaker, is that what this was today, the bare minimum?

A hateful Pelosi then replied, “Yes, it fell sadly and seriously short. One thing I did agree with the president is Congress should act. He alluded to that a number of times. Congress should do more. Yes, it would be easy to do more because he fell so short, meekly surrendering.”

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