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McConnell Stomps Out Moronic Liberals

He sure did knocked some sense into them…

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was so shocked by the brazen stupidity of Democrats demanding for the defunding police departments that he just couldn’t hold his tongue.

According to the Washington Examiner, McConnell stated, “I am all for social work and mental health. But call me old-fashioned. I think you may actually want a police officer to stop a criminal.”

McConnell didn’t stop there, he then blasted the Minneapolis City Council for attempting to defund its police department and called their move “outlandish” and “nonsense.”

McConnell also added that all police officers shouldn’t “lumped in with the very worst examples of heinous behavior.”

Currently many major cities such as Washington and New York City are planning to defund their police in some degree.

“Even if some left-wing leaders fall for this nonsense, I have a feeling the American people are too smart for that,” McConnell stated. “They know what happened to George Floyd is totally abhorrent. They also know that riots and looting are unacceptable. And they know that well-trained law enforcement officers are an important part of creating safe communities, not something to defund or abolish.”

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