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Schiff Screws Trump Over Again

Democrats are shaken to their core.

The walls are closing in on Democrats and now Adam Schiff is using the mainstream media to smear President Trump so they can cover up for their own lies.

Today, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tried to take focus off the crimes he and other Democrats committed and said President Donald Trump was engaging in an “effort to distract from the fact that under his watch,” 80,000 lives have been lost in the United States.

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Schiff, “I also want to ask you about President Obama and now in a separate instance the acting DNI Richard Grenell goes after Democrats and the Obama situation, the president accusing former President Obama of the greatest crime ever. What’s going on here? There’s also a Wall Street Journal editorial against you as well, against the Adam Schiff transcripts as they put it.”

Schiff responded, “What’s going on is this is the president’s effort to distract from the fact that under his watch, we’ve now lost 80,000 American lives and our economy is in the worse shape it’s been since the great depression. This is what this is about. They want to distract attention. They want to create some kind of counter-narrative that, no, it was actually Obama committing crimes, not Donald Trump. It was all of the Obama administration figures. It was Adam Schiff. Don’t pay attention to Americans dying right now. Don’t pay attention to Americans unemployed right now, but instead let’s focus on this counter-narrative that it was Hillary that must have colluded, it was Obama who must have been committing unethical acts instead of Donald Trump. But the American people see through this. They’re focused right now on making sure they can stay healthy, they can put bread on the table. That’s their priority, even if it isn’t the president’s.”

Is Schiff right? Is President Trump just covering up for deaths due to the coronavirus? Or is he trying to expose the crimes orchestrated by the Obama administration?

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