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Republican Traitor Tarnishes Trump’s Name

Look at the lies these people spread.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Steve Schmidt, who worked on both George W. Bush and John McCain’s presidential campaigns turned on President Trump and said he was responsible for the weakening of America.

According to Breitbart, Schmidt stated, “With regard to his polling numbers with women, they are well earned over three years. We have seen his belittlement of women. We have seen his misogamy, his condescension. He’s a credibly accused sexual assaulter in at least a dozen cases probably more. But I think you’re going to see deterioration with women voters because women voters are looking out at the totality of the situation the country finds itself in. The death, the suffering, the economic collapse, and devastation, and women are saying, ‘This guy did not protect my family.’ He left the country unprotected, and we’re all less safe because of it. And on the security issue, as well as the economic issue, I think you’ll see those numbers continue to break.”

Schmidt then said, “With regard to the Lincoln Project ad that he was so upset about and spent most of the night apparently hate-tweeting and raged about it all day yesterday, what the ad makes the point of which is obviously true, is he’s the worst president in American history. We never had a president fail so terribly in a crisis. We never had a president so derelict in his duty. We’ll have hundreds of thousands of dead Americans who didn’t have to be so by the time we get to the end of this tragedy to the end of this story. We’ll have a shattered American economy. He got hoodwinked by the Chinese. He lied to the American people. He’s inept and incompetent talking about the television ratings up there while the country is suffering, telling the American public to inject Lysol. It is a terrible performance for the ages. Lastly, the man who said I alone can fix it. I’m going to ‘Make America Great Again,’ the country is weaker, it’s poorer, and it’s suffering at a level that’s never before in its history. There’s never been a moment of American weakness, quite like the one that Donald Trump has wrought and brought on to the country.”

Adding, “Here it is, what Donald Trump wants to say the economy is shattered because of the coronavirus. That, of course, is not true, and there are other places around the world where it’s not true. The economy is shattered because of Donald Trump’s ineptitude and incompetence in responding to the coronavirus.”

Quite an extreme attack from someone who is blatantly pushing Democratic talking points. Let us know your thoughts about Schmidt’s attack on President Trump in the comments below…