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Obama’s AG Eric Holder Attacks Trump Supporters

This is insane!

Even though Obama’s reign of terror is over, his henchmen are still doing his dirty work. Now former Attorney General Eric Holder targeted Trump supporters and stated that they are fanning the flames of Biden’s sexual assault.

According to the Washington Examiner, When Holder was asked by HBO’s Bill Maher about Biden’s sexual misconduct, Holder somehow figured out how to blame President Trump and his supporters for it.

It’s interesting that the people who are trying to fan this thing are the very people who support Donald Trump, and of course, who say nothing about the allegations that have been raised, I think very credibly, against Trump for a number of women over a long period of time,” Holder stated.

“What is described is inconsistent with the person who I’ve come to know and who I’ve worked with,” he said. “His denial is consistent with the Joe Biden that I know.”

Is Holder right? Should Trump supporters not be asking questions about Joe Biden’s violent sexual assault allegations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…