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Republicans Cause Epic Maxine Waters Meltdown

She really came unhinged this time!

Rep. Maxine Waters went off on Republican senators after they slammed the door in Democrats’ faces and voted against hearing any new witnesses in Senate impeachment trial.

Now, According to the Washington Examiner, Waters totally lost her mind and went on an insane Twitter rant! “I’ve never seen a more insufferable & pathetic group of Senators than those in the GOP,” furious Maxine tweeted. “They’ve chosen to strap themselves to a corrupt con man they KNOW is guilty. They’re all cowards. None of them belong in the Senate. They should go home and grow a backbone!”

“America needs to wake up. GOP is willing to lie, cheat, & steal for power,” Waters stated. “They have no shame & no guts. They can’t bring themselves to remove a lying criminal con man, impeached president, in an election year, but they can STEAL a Supreme Court seat in an election year! B.S.!

The GOP is willing to lie, cheat, & steal for power huh? Has she heard of Barack Obama, the Clinton family, or even Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi for that matter? This woman is a total psychopath. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

Image credit: Breitbart