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Long-Term Disaster, Here’s What The World Will No Longer Have!

Do you really understand what you won’t have when the SHTF?

Let’s take a moment to understand just what we will face.

While all of the change won’t be accounted for here and everyone’s situation is different, here is what you need to consider.

No Running Water

Many preppers know this is going to be an issue. But have you taken the moment realize what all you won’t have? No drinking water, No way to easily wash dishes and clothes, no showers, the list goes on and on. To better understand take note of all the times you use your running water in just a day. You will miss it!

No power

Ready for an extended power outage, no one really is. Let’s be honest 9 out of 10 American will die when the power goes out.

America has become totally dependent on it’s power grid. Everything From the lights in your room to the machines sick people rely on in hospitals. A large scale power outage will change everything as we know it.

No Internet

Forget about social media and texting this is a much bigger issue than non-preppers realize.

Bank accounts, medical records, important data, EVERYTHING is gone if the grid is down. This means we are in DEEP doo doo.

No Electronic Commerce

Many preppers think that soon as disaster strikes cash will be rendered useless, however in the early stages of long-term disaster or collapse it’s going to be a critical tool. Remember, even though we know better than the average Americans in the early stages cash will remain king.

However it’s important to remember even in a small crisis like hurricanes or heavy storms electronic commerce almost always goes down. So during a crisis consider what’s in your bank account practically gone.

No Public Transport

Remember mini-disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, we saw just how poorly prepared most were. During these disasters people who depended on public transportation were sh*t out of luck after public transport was shutdown.

No Personal Transport

One important tip to live by is never letting your gas tank go below the halfway mark. When there is a crisis gas pumps will run dry fast and people will begin to riot for gas.

The Takeaway

We hope this list has got you thinking. You need to take time out of your day to do a real threat assessment for your specific location and lifestyle.

Let us know below in the comments what this article didn’t touch on, we would love to hear what you think!