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How To Know If Canned Food Has Gone BAD

This is one of the most important things you need to know that many preppers often don’t consider…

Every year hundred of cases of botulism are reported. What will you do when you contract that or worse in the middle of a disaster?

Here are some signs you absolutely have to check for before eating any canned foods:

1: If the food projects out or explodes after the can is opened.

If soon as you open the can and food pops out, it is a bad sign. Throw away immediately.

2. A lid that makes a popping or bulging sound when pushed on

If the lid is pressed on and it makes a sound, throw it away.

3. If any Rust or Corrosion forms on the can

4. Leakage

5. Dents

6. Pungent or foul Smell

7. Excessive Bubbles or unnatural color

8. Sound or whistle/hissing When Opened