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Prepping Your Vehicle For WINTER

You don’t want to ignore this one…

Sharing the road with strangers who could be inexperienced, distracted, and a long list of other things is already hard enough. Add that in with dangerous winter conditions and it could mean certain danger.

Follow these tips to ENSURE you’re ready for any winter conditions.

  1. NEVER go below a half tank of gas. You never know how your day may end up turning out. The last thing anyone needs is being stranded in cold, harsh weather.
  2. Pack extra non-perishable foods in your car. Canned foods and high-protein and high-calorie snacks are your best option. You want to have enough to last you AT LEAST 3 days. Always keep fresh water as well. (if you don’t have a can opener you can learn how to open a can with your bare hands right here.)
  3. Keep your bug out bag at all times. There are many things such as gloves, a flashlight, hand sanitizer, towel, lighter/ fire starter, emergency blankets, tinder, compass, and more. You can find emergency blankets and a nifty fire starter, compass, and paracord bracelet right here.
  4. Vehicle repair kit. Things such as extra motor oil, jumper cables, tools, car jack, spare tire, ice scraper and more are all needed.

There are many other things, according to your specific needs, such as having an extra supply of medicine and more you should consider. The best way to prep your vehicle for this winter is by making a list and then packing your vehicle accordingly.

Think we forgot something that other preppers should know? Let us know below in the comments! We would LOVE that!

Happy Prepping! Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Prepping Your Vehicle For WINTER

  1. Terry Ressler says:

    Yeah and how much is the enclosed trailer I’m going to have to buy the Hall of that in??

  2. Bama Bill says:

    When I lived in Ontario I made my wife take snowmobile suit and boots along. She was driving to work in a dress and high heels. Had see ever had to get out, and had to walk in the deep snow in heels, I just couldn’t stand the thought. Also other items she might need. Imagine, walking in a foot of snow in heels? Some “Ladies” just make you wonder.

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