Emergency Preparedness

Survival Uses For Zip Ties

In the prepper world, zip ties are worth their weight in gold! Don’t believe me? Check out these EXTREMELY effective uses for when the SHTF…

It’s important to remember that when you buy your zip ties they are weather and UV resistant as well as industrial strength.

Here are some genius uses for zip ties:

  • Color-coordinating your tools/gear – Compartmentalize your items to stay better organized. Example: Red zip ties for fire making tool and gear etc.
  • Homemade Spear – Tie a knife or sharp object to a long branch or rod of some sort.
  • Tie down a tarp for quick shelter – Get a shelter put up QUICK
  • Emergency handcuffs – When the SHTF anyone could try and harm you. This is an easy and safe way to subdue someone.
  • Hang tools and lighting – Quick and easy way to light up a dark place or place your tools in a safe easy to access location.
  • Medical emergencies – Make a splint within seconds.
  • Lock – It’s not a deadbolt lock but I can slow intruders down if needed in a hurry.
  • Fix bag straps – If your strap breaks or tears, this is a quick fix.
  • Compacting gear– Need more space tie zip ties around fabrics and other things to make them more compact.
  • Shoelaces – If your laces tear on the move, zip ties can get you up and moving with your shoes tightly around your feet.
  • Snares – Use zip ties to catch small critters.
  • Trail markers – Don’t get lost when you’re moving around in the wild.

These are just a few of the countless uses that zip ties have. Get creative and find out just how useful these things are!

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