Prepping, Survival

So you want to be a prepper? Know this…

Mistakes happen when you begin on your journey to becoming a prepper. If you’re ready to go on this journey with us, know this…

1. Start saving right now and cutting everyday costs

You’re going to need it for having enough preps to last for when the SHTF.

2. Don’t blow all your money right now

Prepping is like being a squirrel saving up for winter, you’re never done but always ready!

3. Make sure you have proper measure for storing PLENTY of water

You’re going to need it.

4. Don’t store your water in milk jugs

Milk leaves bacteria that will contaminate your water and plastic does end up dissolving.

5. Don’t purchase food that you and your family wont eat

Make sure everything you buy is something your family eats and likes.

6. You need more than just canned food

You need canned, dry, and freeze-dried foods for a healthy and varying diet. And extra sodium is bad for your health.

7. Make sure your shelves are STURDY

Whats the point of prepping if you ruin it all, am i right?

8. Don’t keep it all in one place

You’re smarter than that. Imagine losing everything in one shot? Get creative with where you keep all your caches and bug out bags.

9. There’s more to this than just storing for disaster

You need knowledge, skills, hands on training, and so much more keep checking The Prepper Hub for all kinds of important knowledge.

10. Hygiene and Sanitation are an absolute must

Store plenty of toilet paper, soaps, cleaning supplies, and medical material, you might not get caught by the disaster but the bacteria can get you!

11. Keep people with medical issues in mind!

Insulin, glasses, medication, oxygen, wheelchairs, etc. Prep for those in your family and maybe even your neighbors if you love them.

12. Our four-legged friends

Your beloved pets will need food, water, and many other things for their survival. keep that in mind!

13. Don’t Be The Only Prepper In Your Household

Your entire family needs to be on board. They don’t have to be as excited as you, but they do need to have the knowledge and know how. Make sure you incorporate them into your prepping as much as possible.

14. Keep your prepping to yourself!

Don’t tell the world about what you’re doing. Because when disaster does strike and you have been running your mouth about it, you might hear a knock at the door or worse…


Think about what will happen when a disaster does strike. You will be exhausted. You need to be trained and in shape to handle and take control of the situation.

16. Don’t get cocky with your guns and ammo

Avoid as much confrontation as possible and don’t flash your weapons, it could put a target on your back!

17. Make a plan for getting home

You might not be home when disaster does strike. Have your bug out bag at all times and think about the best way to get home from work, school, etc.

18. Don’t assume anything!

Don’t get cocky, don’t predict the future, don’t think you know how any of this goes. Be on your TOES AT ALL TIMES.

19. Know how to use everything

Don’t assume you will figure it out when the SHTF. Make sure you know how to use the fire starter, know how to build your fires, and purify your water. To keep it short, make sure you field test all your gear first.

20. Small steps

Don’t go too hard too fast. start small and within your means.

21. Shit isn’t hitting the fan tomorrow!

Well, maybe it is… but you’re missing the point here. There is no time frame to any of this. Think smart, make a plan, prepare, and execute. This stuff takes time but we promise, one day you will be thankful you did it.