Hey fellow prepper! Here at The Prepper Hub, we have been involved in prepping, to one degree or another, for over 40 years. Some of us do a lot of prepping, some do less. But the team at The Prepper Hub has stuck to it for quite some time, and out of ‘hobby’ we have finally brought you this site which has been slowly but surely growing since early 2016.

We started out reviewing and field testing products

Originally our core team started out with a few prepping articles and reviews and found that people were viewing the pages more than we expected, which made us realize that there must be a demand for it!

And as a result we have formed The Prepper Hub, covering all aspects of prepping, bushcraft and survival.

Thousands of people come to the site each day and learn life saving and important skills. Our preppers also meet and learn from other fellow preppers along the way.

Practice Makes Perfect.

As part of this site, we have also started documenting some of the things that we do, like the various bugout practices and bushcraft trips.

This has given our subscribers, who are genuinely interested in prepping, leaving many encouraging comments and words of wisdom.

We’ve also given talks on the subject of prepping and how to increase your chances of survival, and get a very positive response. It makes people think about a crucial subject they otherwise would of ignored…

We encourage new ideas and opinions! If you are interested in communicating with us or the preppers who visit this site emails us at the [email protected] and we will make you a part of our team or just spread your word! We are all in this together and we welcome all views and concerns. Thank you!